Capturing The Male Physique

David by Michelangelo

Over many centuries the male physique has been an inspiration for countless artists to create sculptures and images of its striking beauty. With the advent of modern photography a whole new set of tools has been put into the hands of artists that allows them to capture the perfect instant of form, light, and shadow and preserve it forever.

During the past several years I had the opportunity to work with many exceptional models, whose talent and stunning physique resulted in images of unique style and timeless beauty. A selection of these images is presented in my gallery.

My latest project is called BareThoughtTM. It combines male nude photography with inspirational and motivational messages into an unusual piece of art. It has its own website BareThoughtTM images and calendars can be purchased in my Art Store.

Please contact me if you like to schedule a photo session or if you have comments or questions. I am looking forward to hear from you.

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